Meet our Leadership Team

Our mission is to ensure fair, complete, accurate, and timely reporting of the facts as they relate to the Naples Municipal Airport and the community that it serves.
Stephen Myers
President, Friends of Naples Municipal Airport

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Bill Earls
Vice President, Friends of Naples Municipal Airport

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Christel Johnson
Treasurer of Friends of Naples Municipal Airport
Owner, Paradise Coast Property Team
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Bruce Byerly
Secretary of Friends of Naples Airport
Owner, Byerly Aviation

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Scott E. Ashton
President and CEO, Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems
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R. Scott Cameron, CCIM
Co-founder of Friends of Naples Municipal Airport
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Mark Cherney
Seat 1 Commissioner for the Greater Naples Fire District
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Charles R. (Chuck) Cox
Founder and CEO, Northern Jet Management
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Richard Gentil
Naples Air Center

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Tom Grady
Private Investor in Kids, Startups and the Financial Industry
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Craig Kobza
Owner, The Aerial Companies

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Mark London
President, Elite Jets

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Greg Melanson
Owner and manager, GRM Aviation, LLC and Maxim Aviation, LLC.
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Ed Morton
Vice Chair, FGCU

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Gary Price
Partner, Fifth Avenue Family Office

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Garrett Richter
Florida Market President, First Foundation Bank

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Keith West
Owner, Rexair Flight School

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Scottie Yeager

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The community counts on the Naples Airport

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